Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty Pinbooks

Always looking for a needle, emergency safety pin to hold your shirt together, or thread? Usually can't find them when you need them, right? Well here is a really easy project to make. Takes about 30 minutes, start to finish. I made about 15 of these for Christmas Kris Kringle gifts.

They are great to throw in your purse or stash in luggage for a trip. Everything in one place. Make these pinbooks out of a heavier weight fabric, like upholstery or duck cloth, and you won't even have to use any facing fabric to stiffen them up. Go ahead, make a few!

To begin, cut two pieces of material, same size each, about 9.5" long by 5.5 " wide. You can really make the pinbooks whatever size you want, but this size works for me. They are small enough to fit in your purse without taking up too much space.

Now all you do is place fabric together, right sides facing each other. You'll see I used black thread just so you could see my stitching, but I would recommend you use thread that matches your fabric.

I sewed about a 1/2" seam all around, leaving a 2" opening on a long end. (you'll whip stitch it closed afterwards.) You'll need the opening to turn the pinbook right side out.

I would quickly whipstitch the opening closed now. Even easier, just sew it shut, sewing close to the edge with your machine. You can hardly see it if you use matching thread. Then, that eliminates any handsewing. : )Even faster!

After turning the book out to the right side and sewing close the opening, iron the pinbook in half. It will look like a wallet.

Then, cut 3 pieces of felt, just a few inches smaller than the original fabric, so they fit inside the book. I use a pinking sheers....it just looks a little nicer than a straight edge.

Stack the three felt pieces on top of each other. Next, all you do is place the felt on top of the pinbook, sew down the center of the pinbook, which will hold the felt pieces in place. TaDa! That's it!

Then, go ahead and start filling up your book with the things that you need the most. I found a spool of different colored threads at the dollar store and ran a ribbon through it and tied it around the pinbook to keep it in place.

I also just put a couple of buttons in those clear packets you get when you buy clothes (when they give you extra thread and buttons) and I just used a safety pin to attach it to the felt.

Finished! I can't tell you how many times I have used mine. It's super handy. They are quick little, inexpensive gifts to hand out to your friends. They will love it!

If you move fast like me and always in a rush, this little pinbook is a convenient item to have handy. Enjoy!

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