It wouldn't be a bio about myself if I didn't mention (as all my sisters/momma will expect) I am the true middle child. 3 older than me, 3 younger then me. I go by Sue, Suzie, Suzie Q or Suzanne but I loath Susan! I started my creativity streak when I was a very young child and it started in fashion. I would wear about 4-5 different outfits in one day, they may not have exactly matched or go with the season but it always worked for me. I now have at least 2 nieces by my sisters that do exactly the same thing!! Lets see... I take after my mom in the fact that I have a large family with 4 beautiful children and 1 more in the way. I have a feeling many pictures that will be posted will be of me pregnant. I married my high school sweetheart, who is a soldier in the Army. Sadly I live away from home because of that factor and we are currently stationed in Greensboro, NC.

I would be described as planner and always with some type of list. I will write list of things I have already done just to be able to cross them out. I have a horrible sweet tooth (thanks momma!) and I am that person who brings their own snickers to movie theaters to eat with the over-buttered popcorn. I am a big scrap-booker, love to sew, baking is probably my #1 hobby and like my sisters I might pick up a different craft along the way and get into for a while and then move on to another one.

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