Hi!!  I'm Rebecca (or Bec, Becca, Sis, the oldest sibling) My household is what I affectionately call 'organized chaos', and includes my long time love Dennis, and our 3 adorable children, 2 boys and a girl. I do work full-time outside the home, which partially explains the 'chaos' part, and the 'organized' may be stretching it, but hey, it sounds better!  I really look forward to my days off when I get to spend time with my family and indulge in one (or two!) of the many crafts I am usually working on. Thanks to our precious Momma, I have inherited the love of crafting, and can see it has passed to my own children as well (they LOVE to help me or make their own creations, and like me, can easily spend a couple hours in Michael's, um, if Daddy isn't tagging along...he dosent quite get the craft thing, but he humors us, and sometimes, just sometimes, he gets interested,and we get a family project going on!) 

Like the rest of us girls, I quickly move on to a new project, tuck away the old one, and pull it back out when it feels new again. I love shopping for a bargain, reading, camping, sewing, paper crafts and anything using my hot glue gun!  Ideally, I like to have a project that I can finish in one day, because I love having the instant satisfaction of completing something and admiring the work that went into it (otherwise it probably gets tucked away!)
I am in the process of planning my fall 2012 wedding to my Honey, with the enthusiastic help of my sisters and Momma.  We have a slew of projects lined up.....will certainly get our crafting "fix" in over the next several months!!  Stay tuned!!

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