Little Rita. That is how I grew up. With three other Rita's in the family, that is just how it goes. Now that I am NOT so little anymore I go by Rita, Ri, RiRi, Babe, and Sonny. I'd say I am the most "tech savvy" of the group and can usually figure out how something works. That is straight from our Dad. If you haven't figured out already, Mom is the creative one, while Dad is the "brains" and very practical. While Mom says I am "Just like your father", everyone else thinks I am just like her! Maybe its the name, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I guess I would be considered the wild one (really, just the one without kids). I went away to school at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri and met my love, Heath. We now live in Jefferson City and I try to get back to St. Louis as much as possible for craft weekends.

I'm a dabbler. I just can't commit to one thing. That being said, I wouldn't say I am great, or even good any one particular thing like my sisters, but I love to try it all. I get really into something for like a month then stick it back in storage to be discovered again later. Its a sickness really. I spend an insane amount of money and have piles of craft crap in every corner of the house. I might as well give Hobby Lobby my paycheck because it all goes there anyway! But I don't care, it makes me happy!

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