Monday, January 30, 2012


Welcome to our Blog! I don't know who will actually read this, except my sisters & mom, but I don't care!!

We are a close fun group of girls!! We go on a mother daughter (sister) trip every year, we all like, no LOVE to craft (we're pretty good at it too), we all LOVE wine, we have a pretty great time together!! We all believe in the $5 rule!! We love Marshalls/Homegoods/T.J Maxx. We all believe in painting furniture, well painting anything really. If it's ugly...paint it!! We adore Pink Champagne!! We all love CLEARANCE items!! Typically when someone compliments you on your clothes, shoes, jewelry, politely say "thank you", & that's usually it. Nuh,huh...not in this family... if you compliment someone, say Rita says she like my shoes, I say "OMG.. Marshalls $5 bucks yesterday, last one" You always list the store, price, time, & quantity. I don't know how it started, but that's how it ends!!


  1. So true Moses! Always tell the store, price, time, & quantity. Can't wait to get started. Now we need some projects to post! I have a few in the works!

  2. Very Cute! You guys are very creative and talented. I look forward to keeping up with your blog :) Do you care if I link it to mine? Mine is really just pics of my family and stuff, but maybe some of my followers will get some good ideas from you all.

    Oh, and my family is the same way---we always let everyone know how much we paid for something---guess we are all just so proud of our bargains :)



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